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The support provided by a vigilante group is synonymous with what a brobella offers in academia. The research journey in can be lonely. Don’t travel the journey alone, join community groups and professional associations, look for mentors, keep learning, get brobellas.

‘Vlogging’ your way through Online Classroom Engagement

The online learning space has transformed significantly, which has encouraged many educators to adapt and innovatively device new ways of teaching and learning. The new ways of teaching and learning have equally got me thinking about the future of work for the graduates in the post-COVID era. COVID has presented a testing ground for how aspiring professionals will work in the near future.

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Rethinking Employee Engagement

Having a large market share should not be an alibi for complacency. Businesses need to be resiliently flexible to change and engage in ongoing market intelligence to dive deeper into the mind of the consumer and leverage on changing target market needs.


There is an urgent need to assess vulnerability at school and/or community levels, which would serve as an impetus to scale up tailor-made educational and social development interventions, with implications for inclusivity.

Converting Innovation into Strategy: It takes Two to ‘Tango’

Overlooking simple ‘finishing touches’ such as intentionally slicing pizzas (remembering to use ‘magic words’, professional and diplomatic customer relations, transforming innovation/consumer insights into user-friendly strategic outcomes – fill in the blank) could ruin an image that has taken decades/’sweat and blood’ to build.

Performance is Fire, Passion is Gasoline

How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams? Are you camping where you were meant to pass through? Let your inner soul come alive.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I have been pondering on how some often overlooked relational cues in social interactions may have been influential in building character in this image-driven world. I have identified three of these cues but this post will focus on one of them, which is: ‘sarcasm’. Watchout for the last two. I was forced to transcend into peoples’…
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The Cost of Social Change

Social scientists are often caught in a web of intentionally influencing or changing perspectives to address underlying social problems. Ad hoc change in belief systems does not necessarily translate to a change in a problem. Efforts targeted at intentionally altering belief systems can be cosmetic and tend to produce momentary results which may look good on reports but…
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The Joys of Community Work

Community-centred research can be rural and rugged. A life where one cannot always rely on navigators to navigate some roads, since many routes to project sites are off GPS signals. In this life, an average decent and hot lunch can be roasted corn. Of course, there are no restaurants and all the frivolities of city life. A…
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